The overturning of Roe v. Wade at the federal level means that each state can decide if abortion will be legal. Now many states have made abortion illegal or at least have partially banned abortion procedures. 

Here is a complete list of those states that currently have abortion bans. This list does not include information about partial bans, including in Ohio, where abortion is banned after 22 weeks. 

If you live in a state where abortion is banned or restricted and are wondering about traveling to another state, there are a few things to consider, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost or if you don’t have insurance. 

Abortion Expenses

Abortion is not cheap, especially if your insurance does not cover it. The price can vary depending on various factors, including the type of abortion (medical or surgical) and the gestational age (see next section). 

On average, the cost of a medical abortion is at least $500 and can go up as high as $750. Surgical abortion can range anywhere between $500 and $2,000, with the cost of abortion usually increasing the further along the pregnancy is. 

Considering the Other Costs

Gestational Age (How Far Along You Are In Your Pregnancy)

You can find online calculators that help determine your gestational age. However, these typically are very generalized and may leave room for error in determining the exact age of your pregnancy. 

An ultrasound uses exact measurements for your specific pregnancy, providing an exact determination of the gestational age. In addition to follow-up care costs, ultrasounds and medications can also be included in the abortion cost. 

We offer free ultrasounds to help you get started in learning more about all of your options.

Non-Medical Costs

Travel expenses like gas, food, a hotel, and child care also need to be considered if traveling for an abortion.
Finally, there is potentially the added cost of taking time off from work in order to travel to a state where abortion does not have a ban or partial ban. If one doesn’t have the needed sick days or paid time off, those days are likely to be unpaid, missed work days.

Considering Other Options?

There are many factors to consider when considering your options for an unplanned pregnancy, and it can often feel overwhelming and scary. We can help.

Call or text us for free pregnancy services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and limited STI/STD testing. We are here to listen and help you feel confident in your decision as you walk this journey. 

You are not alone.